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Healglobal is a non-governmental organisation driven by her desire to alleviate endemic social issues. We are passionate about improving the well-being and livelihood of the vulnerable through storytelling, documentaries, advocacy campaigns involving health and wellbeing promotion, education scholarships, startup capitals for SMEs, mentorship and skill development Learn more vision, mission, core values etc

When you think you are not worth much, you start believing you are not worth much and depression starts to prey. Dont do that to yourself. Do yourself a favour by talking to a trusted fellow.....Open up! its ok to be VULNERABLE. #aLotOfPeopleAreHurtingInternally.... We cannot control what happens in the world around us but we can choose how we interpret and interact with it. Cleaning up our thoughts and forgiving ourselves is a great way to start. Your wound is probably not your fault but your healing is your responsibility... Take responsibility #HEAL
- Dr. Gilbert Bestdone, Founder & Lead volunteer

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